Drama at the Cliffs

A dramatic event happened today at the cliffs near the waterfall.

It all started when a sightseer was strolling near the top of the waterfalls. He heard cries for help, and looking down he noticed a problem.

Looking down, a sightseer notices a problem.

About half way down, another sightseer had apparently strayed too close to the edge, lost their footing, and fallen!

Someone had apparently fallen over the cliff!

After being called in to help, the rescue helicopter arrived in record time to help the injured sightseer.

The rescue helicopter arrives to assist the injured person

One of the highly trained medical team was lowered down to the victim.

A rescue team member is lowered down to help.

The injured sightseer will soon be taken to the nearest hospital for treatment, and no doubt some advice to keep away from the edge of the cliffs in future!

The injured person will soon be on their way to the nearest hospital

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