A new WiFi Throttle

I have built a WiFi enabled DCC throttle, that connects to a DCC system via JMRI. Based on Geoff Bunza’s design from his blog on the Model Raiload Hobbyist site. My version is going to be described here.

About Page Updated

I have updated the ‘About’ page to include a photo that I mentioned in the text, but never actually inserted in the page. Oops…

Gallery Updated again

I recently realised I had never taken a closeup photo of the bridge where a scene was created that was inspired from Disney’s ‘The Aristocats’. I’ve now added that photo to the Main Layout gallery, but here it is as well:

Page Updates

I’ve added more information to the DCC System area to include the DIY DCC++ EX system, and started a DCC Tools section, with information on a DCC Sniffer tool built with an Arduino Uno.


I’ve started to build and test a DCC++ EX command station, and I’ll post information in my DCC System area about my experience with this DIY DCC system

Portable Layout Update

This update is rather late, but last month I took my portable layout along to my daughter’s Child Care Centre for the children to see the trains. It still isn’t anywhere near finished, but it was operational, and the children seemed to enjoy the day. I also had some tress and buildings ready to put… Continue reading Portable Layout Update

Drama at the Cliffs

A dramatic event happened today at the cliffs near the waterfall. It all started when a sightseer was strolling near the top of the waterfalls. He heard cries for help, and looking down he noticed a problem. About half way down, another sightseer had apparently strayed too close to the edge, lost their footing, and… Continue reading Drama at the Cliffs

All Aboard!

I have added some videos, taken with the WiFi video camera I have built into a goods wagon, to give a live video feed as if you were riding on the train. Check out the videos page.